I am just a chubby girl with frizzy hair who loves books, coffee, and dusty libraries. Oh yeah, I write too. 


Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran


From an early age, I love writing. Mostly, though, I love reading books. When I started reading, I fell in love with the Harry Potter Series. I was able to relate to so much in the books. Even as I grew up and found new interests, accidentally become a content writer, I still find a way to work Harry Potter into nearly any article that I write.


 I have been working as a freelance writer since 2010. Now, I work full-time as a content marketer @Zuper Inc and I honestly have to pinch myself just about every day.

As a lover of the written word, it’s such a special thing to make ends meet by doing what you love. I live in Chennai, now with my family, my pet rock, and everything. I still love writing and Harry Potter. 

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